Good Samaritans Save Bear By Removing Jug From Its Head

Some Wisconsin boaters had to calmly approach a swimming bear and remove the attached plastic jug before it drowned.

When Tricia Hurt, Brian Hurt, and Brady Hurt set out to do some fishing on Marshmiller Lake in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, they probably figured the only decision they would have to make is what bait to use. Boy, were they wrong.

As the evening set in, they realized something swimming a good distance from the boat. That "something swimming" was actually a young black bear that had a large plastic jug stuck on its head. It was obviously in dire need of help.

The trio had to circle more than once to attempt the rescue. Once they got into range of the young bear, Brian Hurt had to reach out of the boat and try to pull the jug off, but it wasn't going to be easy.

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It seemed like Brady Hurt was driving the boat, Tricia was filming, and the actual save belonged to Brian. In reality, everyone was a part of this great save. This is a grand testament to the universal care that outdoorsmen and women have for the nature that surrounds us.

It is also a lesson in simple garbage management that we all need to adhere to.

This isn't the first time that we've seen a bear, deer, or some other animal get their head stuck inside of the trash that some human beings leave in the great outdoors. Bears, for one, are driven by their nose and their stomach, and especially a young bear is susceptible to sticking its head far inside of something if he thinks he can eat what's inside.

Had this family not happened upon the swimming bear, it may not have survived the ordeal. Have you ever found an animal stuck in some kind of garbage?

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