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How Good is the Cheapest Survival Kit on Amazon?

Watch Wrangler Star review a cheap survival kit on Amazon. It’s surprisingly good for the price; here’s why. 

Amazon can be the home of fantastic deals, and this vlogger found one. Watch him review the cheapest survival kit on Amazon.

Given this kit is only $9, it seems like a must have. The size and price make it a strong candidate for purchasing multiples and placing them in different
vehicles, packs, and boats.

The kit includes a pocket folding knife with LED flashlight. Multifunctional tool card: side of knife, slotted screw pliers, straightedge, opener, outer hexagonal wrench, wrench, double staggered sawtooth, direction recognizer, positioning wrenches, circular hole, multifunctional. Emergency whistle.

You can get yours here.


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How Good is the Cheapest Survival Kit on Amazon?