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Glock Owner Loads a Single Round with a Trick Shot

glock trick loader

How handy are you with a Glock?

This shooter learned how to load one with style using this awesome trick.

Glock Trick Shot

Posted by Brownells, Inc. on Monday, January 8, 2018

In a video Brownells shared on Facebook, we see quite an interesting feat. This pistol-loading trick is unbelievable!

With a live cartridge on the end of a locked-open Glock Pistol, he gives the cartridge a fling upward. The cartridge lands in the loading port in the right direction and he closes the slide. Then, he fires and effortlessly hits his target.

This is a pretty incredible trick shot, right? Well, we’d like to state this is not the correct way to load your pistol and caution against it. However, we have to admit this is definitely impressive. We’re sure he had plenty of practice, too (hopefully with dummy cartridges).

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Glock Owner Loads a Single Round with a Trick Shot