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Glenn Guess Bags the Buck of a Lifetime in Texas

Glenn Guess is known for his hog hunting videos, but they're not the only animal he hunts. Indeed, he bagged the buck of a lifetime this past deer season!

The term "buck of a lifetime" gets thrown around a lot, but it's still a pretty accurate description of the deer Glenn Guess tagged during the 2019 Texas deer season. Glenn makes some great videos of his hog hunts but, as you'll see in a minute, it's pretty clear he knows what he's doing when it comes to deer hunting as well.

He found a heck of a spot in north Texas and saw this buck a handful of times while out hog hunting over the previous couple of years. However, as is common with really big, wily bucks, this deer would disappear for long stretches of time, especially during deer season.

Glenn caught a break though when he got a couple of photos of the buck on a trail camera right before a big cold front came through. He was out sitting on the trail he hoped the buck would be using the next morning with his crossbow.

Watch the video to see how it all went down!

Pretty amazing, right?

My heart was pounding just watching this video, so I can only imagine how he felt in the heat of the moment. Great work keeping it together and making a good shot Glenn! I know that had to be tough!

According to Glenn, his buck of a lifetime grossed 172 6/8 Boone & Crockett. That deer had a really tall, symmetrical rack, so it's not surprising that he scored so well.

Oh, and by the way, that was a 100-percent free-range deer—no fences and no feeders.

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