Girl Does Everything with Her Little Hamster and Twitter Loves It

They do everything together. 

Like their homework.

hamster in bed

They watch movies together.

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hamster watching tv

And take breaks to eat snacks together.

hamster eating carrots

When Amberly Dzmiria shared her private life with her little hamster on Twitter, it went viral quickly. With over 500k likes and 152 retweets, everyone could relate to wanting to spend quality time with a little hamster.

The hamster's name is Chip and he's of the teddy bear hamster variety.

He's also chill af.

Amberly bought the hamster at Petco and the little bed at Petsmart, which became Chip's vehicle to travel along with Amberly throughout her day.

Fans of the tweet were excited to see fellow small pets. One hedgie even had the same bed, and the same name!

Chip loves all his fans and the new-found fame. But he also just loves lounging in his bed and spending time with his human.

Teddy bear hamsters are very cuddly and make good little pets. They are technically long-haired Syrian hamsters, which get their name from where they were discovered first by British zoologist George Robert Waterhouse. In 1930, while the zoologist was studying them in the lab, a few of these golden hamsters escaped. All wild hamsters in Israel today are thought to have descended from these escapees!

The teddy bear hamsters were brought back to England and bred as pets. The rest is history and now we have little, cuddly companions that ride around in beds, going viral on Twitter.

hamster in bed

Do you have a hamster? Do you do everything with it? Tell us in the comments below. 

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