Giraffe Lion
Facebook Screenshot: Yahoo

Giraffe Bowls Over Attacking Female Lion in Failed Hunt Attempt

This giraffe mows through a lion like it isn't even there. 

In the wilds of Africa, every day is a struggle for survival. Even larger animals like giraffes are not immune to becoming part of the food chain and must keep their heads on a swivel at all times. With their long necks and legs, most people might make the mistake of thinking that giraffes are clumsy and slow. That thinking would be wrong as this failed hunt by a pride of lions ends up proving.

These lions have set up a seemingly perfect trap for this giraffe. A few other female lions are hot on the giraffe's heels while another one circles up ahead to try and cut the large mammal off. We must admit, it seems like a solid plan on the part of the lions.

However, things do not always go according to plan. The one thing the lions were not counting on was the giraffe deciding to simply bulldoze through the lion set to cut it off. It is an impressive showing of speed and strength on behalf of the giraffe.

It is always pretty amazing to see wild footage like this, when animals' will to survive is tested. What is even more astonishing in my eyes, is the videographer who is there to capture these amazing moments. How many hours did they put it and film before this opportunity arose?

One thing is certain; if you watched this video, you were rooting for the giraffe!

With a whole pack of lions nipping at its hooves, this giraffe ran directly into the trap and right to the head lion. But after barreling over the lion like an NFL running back and a couple of powerful stomps, the giraffe had escaped danger.

And we are all happy with that ending. Pretty incredible.

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