Gigantic Snake
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Gigantic Snake Can Only Be Lifted Out of the Jungle Using Heavy Equipment

This massive snake needed to be lifted by heavy equipment.

Everyone loves a good giant snake story. The Internet is awash in legendary photos and videos of snakes that are terrifyingly large with mysterious origins. Although it has been a while since a new one has surfaced and lit the Internet on fire. Well, a new piece of mysterious footage allegedly shows a python or boa constrictor being lifted by a forklift.

The size of the snake? Allegedly anywhere from 10 to 20 feet. The New York Post reports the mysterious footage was first uploaded to the Internet by Tik Tok user falkrulazwa, an account that seems to no longer exist. Because of course it doesn't. This story has all the makings of Internet legend already.

While it is uncertain exactly how large this serpent really is, no one can deny it is a monster. The snake is still alive and moving in the video as the lift raises it into the air.

There seems to be little doubt this is real footage of a real snake. The only question is where the footage was taken. Many news outlets are saying the footage was taken on the island nation of Dominica in the Caribbean. The island is home to boa constrictors, so that may be a possible identification for this giant snake.

However, Twitter user Parimal Nathwani also posted the footage of the snake with the claim the snake was found in Dhanbad, Jharkhand in India. That opens the possibility the huge snake was a python. Without more information, we may never know for sure. Nathwani claims the snake was 6.1 meters, which is approximately 20 feet.

The original version of the video also contained what appeared to be footage of some men shoving the giant snake into a car alive. However, the video has spread mostly with that part cut out since then. We will probably never know the true size of the snake, where it was captured, or what was done with it after the fact. We are just glad we don't live wherever this thing was slithering around!

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