gigantic grouse

Gigantic Grouse Gives This Guy the Business

It's one thing to walk thought the forest and see a grouse. It's another to come across a gigantic grouse.

But then to be given the "business" by said bird... Well, just watch.

Warning: There is a vulgar word said by the videographer. It's accurate as to what happens, but still vulgar.

First off, can we agree that is one gigantic grouse?

Most likely it's a capercaillies (giant grouse), the largest member of the grouse family.

The largest recorded of the species was 16 pounds, but that was in captivity.

These gigantic grouse display extreme sexual dimorphism. That means the male is much larger than the female.

That leads us to what it looked like was going on in the video.

Apparently, that male was looking for some "big love."

Unfortunately, the bird couldn't figure out his intended conquest was the wrong sex ... and the wrong species.

I think we can also say it was unfortunate that the victim in question had to pull up his pants after being given the "business" by the bird.