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These Sharp-Tailed Grouse Have Better Mating Dances Than Yours

Watch these guys shake their money makers for a chance at love 

The Minnesota DNR recently posted this great video on their Facebook page showing the mating dance that happens every spring when the thoughts of a male sharp-tailed grouse turn to romance with a responsive female. The dance location is called a “lek” and as many as 25 males will gather in the grassy area and display their attractiveness through the dance.

Females visit the dancing ground and will mate with the male with the best dancing skills. The females will then find a secluded spot in the brush near the lek and lay up to 14 eggs. Check out the video below to get a eyeful of the moves a male grouse needs to master if he is looking for a mate.

Did it cause you to blush? Me too. The lek locations are used each year by the grouse, provided that the habitat hasn’t changed to drastically. The loss of grassland and brushland habitats in Minnesota and throughout the sharp-tailed grouse range have resulted in a sharp decrease in the population in the last 50 years.

Conservation measures like controlled burns and tree clearing helps prevent some existing open grassland from turning into woodlands.

Want to check out this dance in person? Viewing blinds are available through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Visit this link to learn more.



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These Sharp-Tailed Grouse Have Better Mating Dances Than Yours