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Watch: Alaska Hunter Drops Giant Bull Moose at 775 Yards

This Alaskan bush pilot got it done on a true giant of a bull.

An Alaskan moose hunt is the ultimate bucket list hunt. Not only is Alaska home to some of the last true wilderness in the United States, providing plenty of opportunity to test your backcountry skills, but it also produces some absolute moose monsters, with bulls weighing over 1,200 pounds. The rack and the sheer amounts of meat these moose produce are unlike anything else.

Hunting Alaskan moose, like most good things in life, isn't easy. The Alaskan backcountry is unforgiving, and bringing down and packing out such a large animal can take some serious logistics.

Adam, a bush pilot in the Far North, decided to take on a solo Alaskan moose hunt. As the Stuck N The Rut YouTube video of his hunt shows, he passed up on several good-sized moose before finding the one for him.

His hard work and patience pay off when he manages to take down a true giant with an incredible 775-yard shot.

The bull is standing at an extremely long range, but Adama manages to take him down with one well-placed shot, and the moose drops like a sack of potatoes. We love that the camera caught the trail of the bullet as it was traveling. It puts into perspective how high he had to hold to put this shot on target and bring this bull down.

Not only was it an incredible shot, but the moose, with a 72-inch antler spread, is the animal of a lifetime. Our hat is off to Adam for his skills in calculating the shot.

The only thing we do not envy is the meat recovery, which sounds to have been an incredible task in its own right. Adam ends up being able to land his plane closer to the moose than he originally was, but even with that, 500 pounds of meat is a lot to be taking out of the backcountry.

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