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Get This Best-Selling Two-Way Radio to Stay Safe in the Woods

Getting lost along the way doesn't have to be such a scare! 

I am so paranoid when I head out camping with my family. Some of us like to hang at the campsite and not move much, but the other half of us seeks adventure. Trusting that they will be okay is always such a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be.

Before our most recent family outing, I got myself a pair of the Uniden Two-Way Radios for as low as $25.19 and they worked perfectly. We kept one at the site with those who chose to chill while the others headed out in a group with the other radio. We were able to communicate the entire time, and it was a big relief.

Uniden GMR1635-2 22-Channel 16-Mile Range FRS/GMRS Battery Operated Two-Way Radios - Set of 2 - Black


So what exactly does this non-cellular device do? It seems like we've all forgotten this great technology, but the radio, while also letting you speak to the other, also includes 7 FRS channels and 15 GMRS channels for a total of 22 channels. It also features a call tone for when you call the other, a scan that lets you help find others in your area, and a roger beep that notifies others when you're done speaking.

This best-selling product is that for a reason. I love knowing that I have something I can count on when I head out with friends and family and you should too! Get these two radios and never lose sight of those close to you.