get a roof get a gun
CBS Denver

Need a New Roof and AR-15? The Roofing Company "Get a Roof Get a Gun" Has You Covered

A Colorado roofer found a unique way to distinguish himself from the competition: offering a free gun with every completed roof!

Sometimes, life just isn't fair when you're hit with an unexpected expense like a new roof. It really stings if you were putting money away for a new firearm.

Maybe that's why James Webb's roofing business has taken off so well in Castle Rock, Colorado. His customers no longer have to choose between the two! Hear more about how his decision to change the name of his business paid off in the video below.

"In two weeks we had 200 people sign up," Webb told CBS Denver.

Of course, Webb doesn't actually hand an AR-15 to his customers. Instead they get a choice between the rifle or a 9mm pistol. There's also an option for a $500 Cabela's gift card in the deal. Those who choose one of the guns get a voucher they can take to Centennial Gun Club for a background check before they receive their firearm.

The unusual promotion has paid off big time for Webb. His staff has increased from six to 100. He's also planning on expanding business to Texas, which, much like Colorado, experiences hail and the roof damages associated with it.

Webb's promotion is just the latest in what seems to be a growing trend of businesses offering other services, but giving away a firearm in the deal. Products from wedding rings to vehicles have been sold in this way thus far.

What will be the next successful business model patterned off this idea?