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Texas Jewelry Store Offering Free Firearms in “Shotgun Wedding” Sale

shotgun wedding
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Buy a ring and get a new rifle or shotgun at this Texas store!

One Texas jewelry store is bringing a new meaning to the old phrase “shotgun wedding.” Or maybe they just know their target audience a little too well…

It’s probably unsurprising that this story takes place in Texas. Lubbock’s Thacker Jewelry will be running their annual Shotgun Wedding sale this weekend, and it’s a good deal for the potential groom who also happens to want a new firearm.

With the purchase of an engagement ring, you also get a certificate for either a Remington 870 pump-action shotgun or a Savage bolt action rifle, according to Everything Lubbock. The jewelry store has partnered with LSG Tactical Arms for the promotion for the last three years.

Check out their funny ad for the promotion below.

And every year the promotion has just seemed to grow more popular. Last year, the jeweler sold 35 rings.

“We anticipate selling a lot more this year,” Thacker’s owner, Joe Thacker told CNN. “We’re already getting four times the response we had last year.”

The store first adopted the unique sale idea after hearing about another store doing something similar. For Texas, the two-for-one sale seems like a perfect fit, although Thacker admitted there have been a few not-so-positive reactions.

“We get a few people who have a bit of a negative attitude about it,” Thacker told CNN. “But once we explain it, most people just laugh and say ‘it makes sense.’”

So there you have it: for at least this one weekend, prospective grooms don’t have to choose between a lifelong commitment or a new firearm. You can have both! But you’d better hurry, the sale only goes from October 27-29.


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Texas Jewelry Store Offering Free Firearms in “Shotgun Wedding” Sale