Bear the German Shepherd Loves Hide-and-Seek, But His Owner Has an Unfair Advantage

While an outdoor game of hide-and-seek with your dog might sound difficult, it can be a lot of fun with proper training. Check out how this owner always wins!

Dog owners are always looking for new enrichment activities to do with their pups. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise, after all! Of course, interactive dog toys and games of tug can get a little tired after a while. It's up to you to think outside the box crate and come up with fun new ways to entertain your dog (and have a little fun yourself, too). That's where an old childhood favorite comes in: hide-and-seek.

Hide-and-seek is an exciting way to get your dog's brain working and get out some of their physical energy. Dog training plays a big part in helping a furry family member to understand how to play, and while it's best to start when they're a young puppy, it's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! The most intelligent dog breeds, like German shepherds, can catch on pretty quickly with some repetition and incentive. Need proof? Check out the adorable TikTok video below!

Watch This German Shepherd Play Hide-and-Seek


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In this viral clip by TikTok user @_gsdbear, Bear the German shepherd heads to the park to play hide-and-seek with his owner. The adorable footage shows Bear running off to hide, leaving his owner to wait to go search. Little does he know that his owner is tracking the pup's GPS location the entire time. Nevertheless, Bear settles into his hiding place and his sneaky human comes to "find" him.

TikTok users loved the idea of playing hide-and-seek with a dog, commenting that it was a "great game" and "brilliant idea." Another pointed out that it probably wouldn't be too hard for Bear to find his owner, instead. (GSDs are known for their tracking skills!) Regardless of who's the one hiding, there's nothing cuter than a dog playing hide-and-seek. Just don't tell Bear his owner is cheating!

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