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German Shepherd Proves He's One of the Boys While Hanging in the Hot Tub

It's no secret that German shepherds love to be with their families.  So much so that they are commonly referred to as velcro dogs, and the internet will never let us forget it. Social media is filled with viral clips of shepherds following their humans to the bathroom, around the house, and even sitting on them.  (As a German shepherd parent, I will admit that we love every minute of it!) One recent video showcases the German shepherd and owner relationship perfectly. TikToker Angle Herrera, @hieeanglecatches her German shepherd having the time of his life with his human pals. The pup is totally chill as he sits in the hot tub with his guys, listening to them swap stories about life. (Don't worry: Herrera assures viewers that the hot tub wasn't on!)


Nothin like a spa day with the boys! #germanshepherd #germanshepherdsoftiktok #dogtok #gsdoftiktok

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? Good Day - Nappy Roots

This dog could not be happier to be surrounded by all his boys—but the comments on the video were just as incredible as the footage itself. Viewers were having fun creating conversations featuring the good boy.

"So, did any of you bring treatos?" one person joked. Another wrote, "Dog: so y'all ready to throw those steaks on the grill?" They continued, "so boys, don't u hate it when your mom breaks your treat in half? like come on, lady, give me the whole thing."

Another viewer wrote like he was sharing throwbacks with his guy pals, "Back in the days...when I was in the K-9 unit..." One viewer even pointed out how he looked intently at each person as they talked like he was taking in every word they said. Of course, dog owners know that's exactly what he was doing!

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