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Georgia School Coming Under Fire for Field Trip to Gun Range

Controversy rages in Cherokee County, Georgia after a preschool's trip to a gun range.

WSB-TV reports Holdheide Academy, a preschool in Woodstock that also offers kindergarten through second grade programs, took a group of first and second grade students learning about Annie Oakley and Davy Crockett to High Caliber Firearms for a more hands-on lesson.

You can see more in their report here.

One key factor in the decision to take the kids was the fact the range had an 1894 rifle like Annie Oakley used.

"This was a wonderful learning experience with a safety class before and after the guns were handled," Holdheide's owner Tammy Dorsten told the station.

Even though the trip was approved by parents, not everyone saw it that way after photos of the students at the range showed up on Facebook. The school quickly began receiving negative feedback for the trip.. Posts on the school's Facebook page show a mixed reaction with some in support and some not.

"It was definitely part of our Georgia-approved curriculum," Dorsten told the news station.

That doesn't mean the issue is dropped, however. The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning is now investigating the trip and released a statement saying they are trying to determine if they have the jurisdiction to take action.

It's a hot topic whenever the subject of schools and firearms comes up. Just over a month ago, Wisconsin introduced a bill to offer firearms education as an elective for students in high school.

Back in January, education secretary Betsy DeVos started an internet firestorm after suggesting, incorrectly, that a Wyoming school probably kept a gun on hand in case of bear attack.

And last November, a Florida woman became outraged after her son was mistakenly included in an NRA-sponsored gun safety program without her permission.