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Wyoming's Gun Culture: A Different Side of the Gun Debate

gun culture

Guns are still an important part of America's West. 

As debate rages in America over gun control, CBS News sent a camera crew out to rural northwest Wyoming to take a fascinating look at a very different type of gun culture than what you're normally seeing in the news.

Cody was fittingly named for William F. Cody, best known of course as Buffalo Bill. He was one of the west's most iconic figures, and of course, a gun aficionado.

I actually lived in Cody, albeit, for a very short period of time, but I saw the differences in gun culture first-hand. It was always a bit surprising for me to see uncased rifles sitting on car seats or people open-carrying in grocery stores there. The former isn't legal in my home state of Michigan and the latter will get you some funny and disgusted looks here in the Midwest, so it isn't common.

One aspect not explored by CBS News, Cody is home not only to many places to purchase a firearm, but also to places to explore the history of guns. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West houses one of the biggest firearms museums you will ever see. It is also home to a Dug-Up Gun Museum housing all sorts of firearms found in battlefields and historic sites around the world.

For anyone looking for a place more gun-friendly to live, it seems the West is the place to be!


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Wyoming's Gun Culture: A Different Side of the Gun Debate