Georgia coyote challenge
Nathan Unger

The Georgia Coyote Challenge, According to Local Hunters

Georgia Coyote Challenge incentivizes hunters to win a lifetime license. 

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is wanting hunters to get serious about hunting coyotes. The Georgia Coyote Challenge will allow hunters the opportunity to win a lifetime license.

Local hunters from Georgia met up with Grady News Source from the University of Georgia to chime in as to why they think it's a good idea for the state.

The challenge will take place between the months of March and August, when fawns and poults are most susceptible to predators.

Likewise, hunters and trappers can enter up to five coyotes per month for the monthly drawing of a lifetime license.

According to Wildlife Biologist, I.B. Parcell, the Georgia DNR is, "In response to some of our hunters concerns about coyotes preying on things like deer and turkeys, especially during their breeding season...we're trying to be responsive to that and call attention to this time of year."

"This challenge is going to definitely bring awareness to the problem for those who may not be hunters or trappers, that it will bring to light the issue that this non-native has created," says Unger.

There is no closed season for coyotes during the year, but only up to five will be counted each month for the contest.

Georgia DNR list coyotes as a non-native species in Georgia. They are also considered a nuisance animal.

Coyotes traverse every county in Georgia and are known to harm small domestic animals such as small house pets. Similarly, they are also capable of carrying diseases such as rabies.

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