Lunatic with no Survival Instinct Decides to Hip Fire a 20mm Cannon

A 20mm cannon is a beast. It generates major recoil and total annihilation down range.

Although he knows this information, but this guy decides to shoot it from his hip.

Watch the subsequent melee after his decision.

We're actually real friendly with Andrew and the guys over at GY6vids, and have no doubt they knew what they were in for, and kept things safe.

They even included a checklist, full of healthy reminders and suggestions to not bother trying this at home.

This may be the first time someone has ever hip fired a 20mm cannon.
DO NOT ATTEMPT! This was filmed under controlled settings.
1st: Private "Closed" Range (Check)
2nd: No one or NOTHING downrange *For MILES! (Check)
3rd: Single Shot bolt action Cannon*no chance for a 2nd shot to be fired (Check)
4th: Holding the Cannon so it will only fly backward (Check)
5th: Placing my hand facing backward so no parts of my body are taken with it (CHECK)

Follow the advice, and don't view these are instructions for your own at-home attempts at a similar shot. Practice safe gun ownership no matter what.

The 20mm cannon was originally an anti-armor weapon, which saw major glory fielded against hard targets in World War II. This extremely powerful round has a huge amount of recoil and is normally quite punishing when shot from the correct configuration. It should be ideally shot from a fully-stocked cannon with a bipod attached, in a prone position.

Watch the video again and ask yourself: Would I do that?

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