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Hate Your iMac? This 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle Might Help [VIDEO]

An iMac computer faces down a 20mm anti-tank rifle, who will win?

For those of us that are technology challenged and have occasionally wanted to dispose of our own personal computer in a destructive way, this video is just for you!

Let’s be honest, does an iMac (or any piece of technology) stand a chance against this kind of firepower. Not likely, but this is going to be fun to watch regardless!

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The Lahti 20mm anti-tank rifle used during World War II is perhaps overkill for an iMac termination, but it gives us quite a show, and with slow motion filming as an added bonus!

Take that technology! You have been bested by an 80-plus year old cannon. Boom!

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Hate Your iMac? This 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle Might Help [VIDEO]