Geese Don't Stand a Chance: GHG's Pro-Grade Full-Body and Floater Honkers Series

Goose season is approaching quickly, and GHG Goose Decoys need to be in your arsenal.

Spring and summer come and go every year, only to bring us the best time of the year. Many call it fall and winter, but the rest of us know it as hunting season! One of those is goose season, and for the next one, you need GHG's Pro-Grade Full-Body Honkers and Floaters.

GHG is no stranger to the decoy game. They've been pumping out some of the best decoys the industry has to offer for some time now. They aren't known as the "First In Finishing" for nothing.

GHG Decoys

I put the these decoys through the test this past hunting season, and after a long year of hunting and an off-season to think about them, I couldn't be more pleased! They were used hard, put away wet and still look like live geese ready for more action.

I ran four sets of the full-body harvester packs, and when combined together, the duplication of a real flock of geese was flawless. The harvester packs come with six differently positioned geese, giving it an incredible imitation of a real group of honkers in the field.

That detail with the flocked heads would fool any avid waterfowl hunter if they took a glance at them. And, it seemed to do the trick on pressured birds, too. Here's a quick breakdown of the commercial that showcases their capabilities. Then, following the first clip is the Rogers Sporting Goods review of the Pro-Grades.

The 6-pack includes a content feeder position, a hairpin neck active position, a stretcher feeder position, a straight sentry position, a c-neck feeder and a hisser feeder, aka a recipe for dead geese. These decoys are hand-painted for precise detail, and with new feather detail, it's the most realistic-looking decoys GHG has ever brought to market.

GHG Decoys

Although they're some of the most realistic-looking decoys on the market, it's the motion these decoys are capable of that makes them the premier option for the price point, in my opinion. With the exclusive Realmotion II System with bases and stakes, the slightest bit of wind would give you some of the most realistic decoy movements you've seen, and it'll drive birds nuts! Check out this movement on a day with minimal wind.

Two of things I tend to rave about when it comes to these decoys is their durability throughout the year and their weight. There's nothing pretty or gentle about setting up a decoy spread. From start to finish, from your garage until the moment you're shooting the geese, the decoys go through hell and back. So, it's important they can withstand a beating, and these decoys, despite a little mud here and there, look like they did when I got them.

GHG Decoys GHG Decoys

Weight is so important in my eyes, as it can be such a huge hinderance. I can't recall how many times this year I saw fellow hunters grab the bags to start putting out decoys and turn to me in shock and say, "Wow, these things weigh nothing."

The floaters were just as effective with their precise feather detail. They also had six different head positions, but with three unique body postures that gave your spread a real-life look. The weighted keels offered a spectacular ride in the water no matter the wave chop.

The floaters I was running were fully flocked, which kept the decoys from shining in wet, sunny conditions.

GHG Decoys

You can order carrying bags, which are also very well-designed, through Avery Outdoors. The bottoms are covered in a mesh material that allows for water drainage to protect the decoys. They make for easy transportation when you're loaded to the gills and trying to get to your desired hunting destination.

All in all, there isn't really anything I would try to improve or replace. Many complain that the prices on many decoys are too high. In my opinion, though, you pay for what you get when it comes to decoys. And, for the price, you won't find more overall value on the shelves.

Check out what GHG has to offer you for next season.