Gearing up Your Gear: What to Bring on a Winter Antler Shed Hunting Trip

Deer shed their antlers in late winter, making it the perfect time to hunt those sheds! These gear choices will have you at the top of your game.

Deer antlers are great decorative pieces you can use all around the house to transform your domain into a sportsman's dream. Since you've maybe mounted your trophies, there are other ways to find antlers for decor. Shed hunting!

Here are some things to bring on your antler shed hunting trip.


Binoculars are a very important choice, as you use only your eyes when hunting for shed antlers. Pick a pair that has good light-gathering abilities to pick out the glint of a hidden ivory treasure far away.

Boy With Binoculars

Shades would help too, especially from sun glare off of snow. You can get a good idea of some options here.

Dress in Layers

Dress in layers as the temperature will fluctuate throughout the day and so will your activity level, depending on the area you are shed hunting.


A pack to carry your findings is a great addition. Read more from this article for information on smart picks.

If it's an overnight shed hunting trip and you're staying in a tent, camper, or otherwise, it would be wise to get educated on the best kind of accessories and extras you can bring along.

Bring the Pooch

Bring your dog if you have one. Canines love to bring back bones, and an antler is a natural choice.

Make sure your feet are well taken care of, mainly so you can keep up with your canine. Some would opt for boots to cover terrain, but if you are looking to combine a shed hunt with some exercise, there are other choices you can make. Read more about that here.

Family Day

Bring the whole family and make it an outing. Many eyes are better than just your two, and kids are especially good at finding stuff in the woods with those little eagle eyes.

With sharp eyes, good locations and some patience, you will be bringing home the best seasonal, renewable resource out there in the woods: deer sheds!