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7 Sweet DIY Deer Antler Crafts [PICS]


Shed deer antlers are perfect material for many craft ideas.

When it comes to a sportsman’s home decor, nothing beats a good pair of antlers. Typical whitetail deer antlers have a way of being versatile in their uses, but any game animal can be used for most of these suggestions.

Known as “the poor man’s ivory” by some, shed antlers make incredibly beautiful products with a little work. Let this serve as inspiration for when you’re shed hunting the next couple months.

Deer antler toilet paper holder for your throne room.


How about game calls made from your found antlers?

Woody’s Taxidermy


An antler chandelier!

52 antler whitetail chandeliera


Deer antler wedding rings anyone?

Craft Juice


Antler-handled knife: a great traditional way to have a hard wearing and classy handle on your favorite knife.

Lumber Jocks


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With antler handles on your favorite pistol, no one else will have a gun that looks like yours.

Unblinking Eye


Antler buttons can be made from the bits of leftover antler that were used for other projects. Great way to use all the antler material and no scraps left!



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7 Sweet DIY Deer Antler Crafts [PICS]