Gear Review: Versacarry IWB Revolver Holster

Read up on our thoughts regarding the Versacarry IWB Revolver Holster.

I've always worn my concealed carry handgun in an outside-the-waistband or OWB holster.

Most often I employ a durable leather De Santis holster, and occasionally I carry in a Sneaky Pete holster.

I'd never used an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster, but when I heard that Versacarry was marketing a new IWB Revolver Holster, I jumped on the opportunity to give it a try.

I already absolutely loved my Versacarry Gun Belt, a heavy-duty, high quality belt that solved all of my carry belt issues. And if the company's new holster performed as well as their belt, then I knew I'd be pleased.

Versacarry Revolver Holster - IWB

The Versacarry Revolver Holster is their first ever inside-the-waistband style made specifically for revolvers. It's a compact, slim, low profile holster with a couple of added special features.

One, the holster's interior tension (which holds the revolver in place) is adjustable. At any time you can loosen or tighten the tension via a single screw located in the upper rear part of the holster.

So, if upon initial use you're having a tough time getting your gun into the holster, you can loosen the screw to allow for more room. Conversely, should you find that after extended use your gun is riding a bit loosely, you can retighten the screw to snug things up a bit.

Two, there is a strip of thin metal at the front of the holster, sandwiched between leather portions so that it never comes in contact with your gun. This reinforced metal strip helps maintain a rigid shape that won't collapse when the gun is not in place. This means that you can reholster your revolver quickly and easily.

The Versacarry Revolver Holster is made in America of tough water buffalo leather. If you're left-handed, you're unfortunately out of luck with this holster, as it is presently available for right-handed use only.

Overall, I like the design, construction, and purposeful application of it, but I had one personal hangup with the holster.

My main issue with this holster was my unfamiliarity with carrying inside-the-waistband. I was concerned about any potential discomfort after years of outside-the-waistband carrying. My concerns were confirmed, as I found my initial attempts most uncomfortable and awkward.

I figured this was largely due to my not being used to carrying a handgun on the inside of my pants, so I persevered. I figured there would be a break in period that I could eventually complete.


Unfortunately, I never quite got over the feeling of not being entirely comfortable with my revolver inside of my pants and belt. I tried moving it to different locations, either further back or further forward, before settling on a location right on the side of my hip.

This offered me some relief, as the gun wasn't digging into my admittedly slightly overweight belly. After several days I got more or less comfortable with it, though not entirely.

I was always aware of the gun inside my waistband, whereas with my usual outside-the-waistband carry, most of the time I completely forgot that I was carrying at all.

I found that wearing a t-shirt between my skin and the gun was pretty much required for maximum comfort. I also found that it was more comfortable when I wore khakis as opposed to blue jeans.

I realize that this could also be a function of the thickness of a revolver compared to a semi-auto. I may have to try IWB carry for my semi-auto pistol to give an entirely fair appraisal.

I did very much appreciate that, with this Versacarry holster, the issue of printing was all but completely eliminated. I was fully confident that no one could tell I was carrying, whereas when I carried OWB that confidence really depended on what kind of shirt or jacket I was wearing.

The holster really shined when wearing a vest, which I often like to do. Previously, if I wore a vest and couldn't don a longer overcoat, I'd resort to my Sneaky Pete holster, which is very noticeable. It relies on tricking people into thinking it's something other than a gun holster.

With the Versacarry IWB holster I could mostly (if my vest was long enough) avoid dealing with that issue altogether and I could carry with confidence.

Drawing and reholstering the gun, an action that everyone should practice regularly, was a breeze. It was actually much easier than drawing with my De Santis, because there's no securing snap at the hammer to monkey with. It was smooth in, and smooth out.

I also found that the holster maintained its shape and rigidity quite nicely after several weeks of use.

In conclusion, I'd give the Versacarry IWB Revolver Holster a solid thumbs up if you're already comfortable with inside-the-waistband carrying. If that's your preferred method of concealed carry, I'd definitely recommend this holster. It's small, unobtrusive, rugged and secure.

Otherwise, if you're like me and need to lose a few pounds or just can't make the mental leap to carrying inside your pants, it becomes a rarely-used-yet-appreciated second or third option.

The USA-made Versacarry Inside-the-Waistband Revolver Holster retails for $49.99.

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