Gear Review: The Silver Iunio Camping Axe and Multitool

The Iunio Silver Axe and Multitool is perfect for the avid survivalist, prepper, hiker, or camper.

The Silver Axe multitool from Iunio contains several features that make the perfect survival kit in emergency situations.

At first glance, you can tell it obviously acts as a tactical axe or survival hatchet for cutting limbs and wood.

Additionally, it is also a good axe for hack-and-squirt scenarios for the avid habitat manager. The Iunio Silver Axe breaks down into eight main pieces (you can see how that process works on YouTube).

The axe contains a compass for navigating, in case there is no cell service (or you simply don't know which direction to go). The multitool contains extension bars for different lengths. The total length it is 43 centimeters, and when only one extension bar is used, it cuts it down to 30 centimeters. In other words (and in standard U.S. measurements), it's a 17-inch length tactical hatchet.

The axe also contains an emergency glass breaker, which can even be used to break rock if needed.

The survival gear that fits inside the extension bars include a knife, fish scaler, bottle opener, safety whistle, and fire-starting flint.

The knife, fish scaler tool, and bottle opener are a multitool faceted together. Likewise, the emergency whistle and flint are combined to fit in the extension. The flint is used as a fire starter, and the knife can assist in helping start the flame. The multifunctional axe is also good for self-defense for the outdoor enthusiast.

Additional Features

Some other added features include a digital camo wrap that fits around the handle. It's mainly because the aluminum alloy can get cold, but it adds a nice element of concealment.

There is also a nylon sheath to put on the axe head for storage in case you want to keep it in your car or trunk as part of a vehicle emergency kit. At the bottom of the axe handle is a hand rope for wrapping around your wrist.

The camping hatchet itself contains a built-in safety hammer on the back for hammering tent stakes or driving nails.

The whole survival axe breaks down to fit into a bug out bag with molle straps. The whole thing can also act as a tactical waist pack, too. It really does make a great camping and emergency tool all in one.

The overall weight is on the lighter side, which would lead most to believe it wouldn't be very sturdy. However, the hammer and stainless steel axe is solid and holds up well.

The price of this axe is only $37.99 on Amazon and is backed with a lifetime warranty. This Silver Camp Axe is an upgrade from the original Tactical Tomahawk Camp Axe.

Ultimately, this multi-tool hatchet is ideal for outdoor camping, and great for all your outdoor adventures.

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