Douglas Manna Gravity Feeder

Gear Review: Douglas Manna Gravity Feeder Revolutionizes How You Feed Animals

In this gear review, we look at the Douglas Manna Gravity Feeder that's the only one of its kind. 

This past weekend, I personally spoke with Jack Tidwell, the co-owner of Douglas Feeders at the Georgia Outdoor News Blast. He took time to show me all the ins and outs of the product. So,  I decided to do a review on what I found.

Made in the USA, Douglas Feeders is a family-owned company located in the United States and they're made by American workers. The Douglas Manna Gravity Feeder is designed out of all aluminum and weighs only 15 pounds. It holds 350 pounds or 55 gallons of feed or minerals.

The feeder is designed with an auger dispenser that allows the feeder to be clog-free. The Douglas Manna Feeder features eight daily settings for dispersal, ranging from 6-30 seconds. The feeder is water-tight, so moisture doesn't get in and ruin the feed you use.

The Douglas Manna Gravity Feeder can dispense almost anything you want to feed. Though oftentimes utilized as a deer feeder, it's also used for fish ponds, livestock and house pets. It'll dispense corn, protein pellets, minerals, fish food, dog food and most anything else a feeder is used for.

Similarly, the feeder contains a 12-volt battery, but also has the ability to run off of a solar panel.

Pros and Cons

One of the advantages of the feeder is that't is an easy one-person setup. Even though it holds 55 gallons, one person is able to install it alone. The ratchet system allows the feeder to hang however high or low on a tree that's needed. If you hunt in an area with lots of hogs, hanging it high will prevent the hogs from destroying it. However, because of its lightweight features, the feeder isn't bear-proof, so if you live in an area with bears, you'll need to bearproof it yourself.

As aforementioned, the hopper capacity is 55 gallons which allows the feed to last a long time without checking it every week. One of the biggest takeaways with the Douglas Manna Gravity Feeder is the auger-style dispenser that allows the highest-quality products where a typical electronic dispenser won't because the mineral or protein will get stuck or break.

In fact, the Douglas Manna Gravity Feeder will dispense very fine minerals or food such as fish food. However, it works best when you mix the fine feeds with something more solid, such as peanuts, corn or soybeans.

Douglas Feeders is currently traveling the Southeast, hitting Atlanta, Georgia, and Jackson Mississippi, teaching people about the feeder at trade shows. If you'd like more information, contact their customer service directly by Facebook Messenger or on their website, or you can find the closest dealer stores near you.

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