Gear Review: Check Out the AMP Ray Gaiter by American Made Performance

Why chose the AMP Ray Gaiter from American Made Performance?

The reasons are easy to come by when you think about why you should check out the AMP Ray Gaiter from American Made Performance.

This apparel is grown, woven, and sewn in the U.S.A., where there is no compromise on quality or costs.

When I held the AMP Ray Gaiter in my hand for the first time, the fabric felt like any other gaiter I'd used before. The material felt light and durable, and it stretched easily without getting bunched up during use.

Patterned with the stunning artwork of Ryan Keene, the Tarpon variety is a marvel to see up close.

I wore the AMP Ray Gaiter to the river on a chilly and windy day. After securing the gaiter around my neck I could no longer feel the cold breeze.

The breathable fabric didn't cause me to overheat either once my body temperature warmed up.

This gaiter is extremely versatile as is can be used as a doo rag, headband, neck guard, and many other varieties. As per standard this gaiter comes with the features that set American Made Performance products a par above the rest.

It uses UPF/SPF 50+ to help block nasty UV rays. AMP is also breathable and moisture wicking. Plus, there's AMP GUARD, which is the anti-microbial, stain-resistant aspect.

Consider getting one of these before your next angling adventure: $19.95, Amazon.