bow cell phone mount
Images by Brad Smith

GA's Bow Cell Phone Mount is an ATA 2017 Hidden Gem

GA's new bow cell phone mount is so simple, it just makes a ton of sense. 

Ground Attack Hunting Products (GA) has a new bow cell phone mount that was just unveiled in the Innovation Zone at the ATA show in Indianapolis. Recording hunts and taking high quality pictures is turning into more than just a hobby for many hunters, but getting that done can be tough without several gadgets and high tech equipment. However, this is where GA's phone mount comes in real handy.

As you can see in this video posted by Pelkey's Archery Inc. from the show, it really is this simple.

As we all know, cell phones manufacturers are only creating better and better cameras. Some of the phone cameras of today are even better than several high tech cameras from just a few years ago. With GA's bow cell phone mount, you can connect your cell phone directly to your bow and record in HD. The simplicity of this device is what makes it so effective. Just attach it to your bow with a screw in cap, strap in your phone, and hit record.

The GA bow cell phone mount is available right now through their website in a variety of colors for only $39.99. However, it will probably be available for sale in stores all over the country rather soon.

Follow them on their Facebook page for more info. Special new colors are on the way soon!