Garmin and GoWild Have Teamed Up to Make Something Truly Special

There's a new social media king for those of us who love the outdoors. 

GoWild has really been making a name for itself over the last couple years. For starters, it's arguably the premier hunting, fishing, hiking and outdoors app in the world, providing tracking and scoring of trophies, a messaging community for members and tons of wild game recipes.

Now, GoWild has partnered with Garmin to bring a whole new world of engagement to outdoors enthusiasts.

As you're about to see, Garmin and GoWild have created a truly one-of-a-kind hunting and archery experience. Through the GoWild app, members will now be able to use Garmin Connect IQ™ to track miles hiked in the field and even their heartbeat at the exact moment of a shot at a big buck.

All of this will allow for an integrated platform to share hunting experiences like never before, available on both Android and iOS.

"The GoWild Connect IQ app allows a shooter to capture rich quantitative and qualitative data," said GoWild Co-Founder and CEO, Brad Luttrell in a press release. "More importantly, it allows people to engage with and learn from an active community of archers. You can compare yourself to shooters who identify as your same skill level. And if users are tracking their progress through all of 2019, we'll have some amazing analytics to share, such as total arrows shot, average yardage, average heart rate and how that compares to others."

Connect IQ

If you have the GoWild app, you must also be registered with Garmin Connect IQ to unlock all of these features. You must also have a Connect IQ enabled smartwatch, such as the fenix® 5X, fenix 5 Plus series or tactix® Charlie.

If you don't have a Garmin device, though, don't worry. All of this functionality still works directly through the GoWild app.

"The GoWild Connect IQ app represents a new step forward in connecting the outdoor community," said Nick Kral, senior product manager at Garmin. "We are proud to work with GoWild to give outdoor enthusiasts the ability to enhance their outdoor experience. The app provides users the ability to showcase their outdoor passion to other outdoor enthusiasts in unique ways, whether it be from the hours spent practicing archery to scouting in preparation for a hunt. In addition, this system offers individuals a never-before-seen view of their own outdoor skills through data point capture, giving users an opportunity to make technique improvements."

Whether you're on an actual hunt or in the middle of archery practice, this app will surely make it even more exciting.

Stay tuned to what GoWild has planned down the road. You can download the app through Google Play or the App Store, depending on what kind of smartphone you have. There is a lot more to come!