gaggle of jake turkey

When a Gaggle of Jake Turkey Get Right up in Your Grill

There's close, and then there's REAL CLOSE. Turn your speakers up for this cool turkey encounter!

Mark and Hillary Knutson are a couple who make the outdoors a big priority in their lives. Whether fishing, hunting, or looking for sheds together, their epic adventures are always a thrill to follow. The latest, which Hillary posted on Instagram, was a turkey hunt in Manitoba, Canada. And as you're about to see, this twosome were treated to quite an amazing experience.

Utilizing a makeshift ground blind of branches and old farm equipment, Hillary manned the camera while Mark set up with his gun. What happened next, however, came as even a surprise to these seasoned outdoor folk: four Jake turkey casually strolled up, setting up shop mere yards from the pair, while letting out a few fantastic gobbles. Pretty incredible!

Here's the footage:

Now why don't those Tom turkey ever behave like this?!

You never know what you'll experience when you spend time in the outdoors. This is the closest the Knutson crew has gotten to turkey so far, and as Hillary told me, "my season is already made just seeing those birds!"

Have any of our reader's had a close encounter while out in the turkey woods? We'd love to hear about it.

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