G5 Gives the T3 a Redesign with the "DeadMeat" Broadhead

G5 fixed some past issues with their T3 and released the new DeadMeat broadhead.

Used by both the everyday hunter and professionals alike, G5 Outdoors makes some of the most popular broadheads currently on the market.

While their T3 mechanical broadhead is just as deadly as the rest of their lineup, it had a few small flaws in its design. The main complaint? The clip that held the blades in place was just too sensitive, and it was sometimes hard to get the blades securely in place.

I use these broadheads personally and they are fantastic. However, I have had them deploy themselves when pulling arrows in/out of quivers or even when knocking an arrow, so I could relate to this issue.

It didn't happen too often, but having to get the blade locked back in was annoying to say the least.

Luckily, G5 listened to their customer base and decided a change was in order. They redesigned the T3 as their new DeadMeat broadhead.

They did away with the spider clips for a new retaining collar. A tiny knob was then added to the blades that allow it to firmly snap into the collar.


This new system is darn near foolproof, as it even gives an audible snap when secured correctly. No more accidental deploys by not getting the blades seated just right.

You can see the differences in the picture below. The one on the right is the current T3 and the one on the left is the DeadMeat.


The DeadMeat will be available in both 100 and 125 grain. It is made of 100% stainless steel and offers a 1.5 inch cutting diameter.

They are set to hit stores later this year and are expected to retail for around $55 per three pack.

For more information as it becomes available be sure to follow G5 on Facebook or Twitter.

Photos taken by Alex Burton


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