Full Auto .50 Beowulf
YouTube: Demolition Ranch

Full-Auto .50 Beowulf AR Build Unleashes a Ridiculous Amount of Destruction at the Range

This full-auto .50 Beowulf unleashes a ridiculous amount of destruction!

The fearsome .50 Beowulf is one heck of a round. Using a .50 A.E. parent case, this 12mm bullet flies out of the barrel at nearly 2,000 feet per second while delivering up to 2,800-foot pounds of energy to the target. It's not one of them most popular rounds on the market, but it's quickly growing on many shooters across the country.

It may grow on them even more after seeing the latest video from one of our favorite YouTube shooting personalities, Demolition Ranch. Matt is up to his usual gun hijinks with his local gun dealer, by putting together one of the most ridiculous AR builds ever.

They take Matt's Beowulf AR and add the gun dealer's full auto AR lower to create a fully automatic .50 Beowulf. Yes, this build is as ridiculous as it sounds and the destruction it dishes out at the range is a sight to behold. Just watch the video to see what we mean.

This may be the most destruction we've ever seen from a single gun on Matt's channel before. This build is just plain ridiculous. The recoil of the .50 Beowulf rounds is so heavy, it was almost impossible for them to be accurate past the first and last shots. And all three guys spend more than their fair share of time on the range.

In fact, the only reason that many of these targets were not in worse shape was simply because they couldn't keep the muzzle on it the whole time. We were amazed the toilet lived through the first burst. And the magazine they were using only held seven rounds. Imagine what they could do with a larger mag in this gun?

We had a great time laughing along with these guys on this video. Sometimes a gun isn't about practicality. It's simply about having fun and that's what they got with this extreme AR build!

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