Frozen Cars Stretched as Far as You Can See in Massachusetts

Check out this wild video of frozen cars after a Nor'easter hit Massachusetts.

The Weather Network shared footage captured by a Massachusetts man of a street full of frozen cars, stuck up to their windows in ice.

This is not something you see every day.

That's what a real Nor'easter will do, and you've certainly got to hope no one was in any of those vehicles when it happened. And, for their sake, we'll hope they were well insured!

We've shared a lot of info on winter weather vehicle preparations, but here are a few quick tips:

Carry enough extra clothing to stay warm. This means an extra coat, gloves, hat, and winter-ready shoes. toss a few tow warmers in the pockets of the coat and the socks, and you'll thank yourself if you're stuck.

Have an emergency kit. Have basic first aid supplies, plus flares, a knife, waterproof matches, a multi-tool with a glass breaker ad seat belt cutter, and a flashlight. This just scratches the surface, but is a good start.

Inform others of your travel plans. Make the easy decision to fill others in, and especially put things down in specifics (like a detailed text or email) to have a record of where you're expected to be. Check in after successful trips, too.

Stay safe, and stay warm!