Frabill WITNESS Weigh Net

Frabill WITNESS Weigh Net is the First of Its Kind

As if someone got a glimpse at an avid angler's dream, there's finally an all-in-one fishing net, scale, and ruler being unveiled by Frabill.

The WITNESS Weigh Net is for fresh and saltwater anglers who have always asked a little more of their angling equipment, and incorporates the two most common fish-measuring methodologies into the most commonly-used tool on a fishing boat. The new net has yet to arrive on Frabill's website, but is rumored to be available in the Fall of 2022 with a price tag of $149.99.

The digital scale goes up to 30 pounds, and the 48-inch aluminum handle has a 30-inch incorporated ruler. There's also a molded rubber grip on the handle to ensure a good hold. It's made of tangle-free Micro-Mesh netting and has a flat bottom for fish protection.

Frabill also used a Meshguard hoop to help resist wear and prolong the life of the net.

All an angler needs to do to use the net to its fullest is scoop a fish out of the water, remove the hook, and turn on the scale. Then hold it in a vertical position with the net and fish hanging at the bottom. You can get a weight reading, then hold the fish up to the measuring stick to record its length, and you're ready to release it, quickly and efficiently.

With this all-in-one net in our boat, we'd imagine being far more prepared should we ever catch a fish that could contend for a record, not to mention quicker on releases and more careful with the individual fish we actually land.

It's a modern tool that's going to make a difference for anglers who put it to good use. Keep checking the Frabill website and their social channels for more information as the launch date nears.