Frabill Universal Bait Station

Frabill Universal Bait Station Stores Live Minnows or Worms for Fishing

Here's your complete guide to the new Frabill Universal Bait Station.

Frabill has recently introduced its new Universal Bait Station. It's a compartment for storing bait with easy access, and has the ability to carry either nightcrawlers or live minnows with equal effectiveness. In fact it could even be used to house crickets or frogs if you needed it to.

The Frabill Universal Bait Station includes a battery operated aerator to keep live minnows fresh and an easy access flip up lid to easily get a hand on your worms when the bite is on.

It's soft sided, but has a durable molded plastic base to keep it upright and stiff enough to hold whatever you choose to put in it. In fact, it will hold four Plano StowAway utility boxes (size 3600 ), so you can use it as a tackle bag as well!

For those that prefer to dip some live bait to drag up the big ones, this Frabill system can make a good fishing trip into a great one. The Universal Bait Station won't take up much space in the back of the truck or on the boat, but will become an essential addition to your fishing excursions after proving itself with a couple uses.

Details of the Frabill Bait Station

The Frabill Universal Bait Station will take care of minnows or nightcrawlers, but it has the capacity to hold up to eight quarts of water, as well as ice or soil, so it can be used as a cooler or even a tackle bag in a pinch.

The aerator takes two AA batteries (not included) and includes the aerator hose and requisite stone. It is insulated to keep your bait cool in warmer weather and also has a nonslip base to keep it from moving around.

The quick access bait door at the top is a nice feature along with a mesh side pocket for your fishing pliers, extra hooks, or a spool of line.

Versatility and Durability

This rugged soft-sided Universal Bait Station can withstand the elements and is great for fresh, frozen, and live bait. It can even hold food or beverages, we'd just advise you not to do those two tasks at the same time.

A battery-operated, side-mounted aerator on an insulated, watertight Bait Station of this size and construction is a re-invented solution to keep bait safe and long-lasting.

The aerator can be removed from the side of the unit, and all of its parts can be easily removed to make the Bait Station a cooler, worm storage, or into a tackle bag. It is easy to clean by wiping out the interior, and can fit inside of the average sink or laundry tub.

It can used for shore fishermen, boat fishermen, or on the banks of the nearby stream or river. Really anyone with a need for a versatile bait keeper would benefit from the Frabill Universal Bait Station.

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