Frabill Trophy Haul Nets: Optimal for Conservation, Not to Mention Toothy Fish

The new Frabill Trophy Haul landing nets save more fish than you'd ever imagine due to a few simple engineering improvements.

A net is pretty much a necessity piece of fishing gear, especially when you're after certain species. Some fish shouldn't be handled for a variety of reasons, and the state they're in while netted should limit stress and damage.

I was on a recent trip to the Great Lakes with Frabill, who's recently introduced the new Trophy Haul Nets. Not only was I impressed, but our seasoned guide Dale Strochein was blown away too. That's saying something.
We got to pick their brains on the creation and methodology behind the new landing net series and realized there's more to it than most anglers ever even think about.

The noticeable improvements we believe will make a difference for landing fish in your local honey hole are the rubberized netting, foldable storage feature, and solo usage.

Plus, the northern pike I had my eye on, with a mouthful of teeth and a sharp gill plate, would be a far better experience with a good net. The Trophy Haul did its job, and then some. 

Rubberized netting

These new nets are coated with a durable, fish-friendly conservation netting that prevents certain species (like trout) from losing their protective slime.

Anglers usually don't notice the loss of slime on some fish, but it can really damage their scales and create blotchy scabs from roughly handled catches.

Losing slime makes for an uncomfortable fish, which is not ideal when handling a tooth-filled northern pike.

The rubberized netting also is hook resistant. I repeatedly tried to punch treble hooks through the net and couldn't get them to stick. Since they don't wrap your hook up on every catch, the Trophy Haul nets stood out above any other net I'd used in the past.

Foldable Storage

It's a fact that we accumulate so much fishing gear that our boats are seemingly overflowing.

But to tell you the truth, some of that precious storage space should be saved for a Trophy Haul. This net needs a spot in your collection because you never know when you'll hook that fish of a lifetime.

Thankfully, the Trophy Haul has a small footprint because the handle can retract and the hoop can be folded. As big as these nets are, their "storage mode" makes them far smaller.

The net features spring-loaded handle extension and a hoop opening for single angler use making the deployment a cinch.

Solo Use

Sometimes your buddy doesn't show up or that special someone just isn't up to it that day so you have to go fishing alone, right? There's nothing wrong with that and every one of us needs time away, but what if you hook a lunker and don't have help landing it?

The Trophy Haul series from Frabill all work based on a single angler basis.

With the Bearclaw model, they engineered a unique yoke handle that locks in place and gives you serious net control.

The reflective hoop helps you see it underwater, and since the handle length on most models can be changed, it's customizable to your needs.Heavy fish are no longer a hassle to land by yourself.

And because of the Lockdown asymmetrical net design and MeshGuard hoop, the fish is more likely to stay put once its netted. The end of close calls may be in sight.

The Trophy Haul nets can be used to target species as diverse as walleyes, redfish, or panfish. They're head and shoulders above any other net I've used to date.

Revolutionizing Fishing Nets with the Frabill Trophy Haul

These nets are built from tough, durable materials and can be used in saltwater just as easily as fresh.

Seriously, I wouldn't go around saying this sort of thing about most fishing accessories, but catching big fish is legitimately easier with a Trophy Haul net.

Add one of these to your wish list, and you'll see how legitimate it is.