fox dives in snow
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Fox Mimics Greg Louganis, Plunges Into Snow for Dinner

This right here is why patience always pays off.

In a video coming out of Kakisa in the Northwest Territories, we see a fox on the hunt for some dinner. This isn't just any fox, though.

There's a decent chance you've seen a red fox dive into the snow to grab its prey, but this is on a whole different level. This fox has better form than any predatory animal out there. In fact, its dive looks so natural, it should probably consider a taking its talents to the diving board.

Without further ado, here's the Greg Louganis of foxes.

Watch the video below:

Did you see the vertical on that thing? How about the penetration? All you could see was the bushy tail sticking out of the snow!

There's no doubt this fox lives on a pretty healthy diet, as I can't image there aren't many critters escaping its pouncing ways.

Whenever I watch a fox, a coyote or a wolf hunting, I always start wondering what a domesticated dog would do in the wild. I mean, stray dogs survive all the time, but would instincts like this kick in?

The fox's old-fashioned dive-and-pounce technique resembles a bird dog pointing its prey, so I have to think a dog would act similarly in the same conditions.

I can't imagine many dogs would be happy about Arctic winters in this part of Canada, though, which is why foxes are one of North America's toughest predators.