Diver Battles Sharks

Diver Battles Sharks to Save His Prized Yellowfin Tuna Catch

In this dramatic showdown, a diver battles sharks trying to take his catch.

First, turn the volume up before you go any further. When you watch this you'll probably scratch your head and wonder why the spearfisherman didn't just hand over his catch willingly.

When you see this diver battle these sharks to save his prized catch, you'll realize just how important this fish is to him.

If this doesn't get your heart pounding, I'm not sure what will. Is this guy crazy or is he actually an expert? I'd venture to guess the latter. Before the diver takes his first gasp of air you only see one shark on camera. When he comes back down you see two.

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Watch the video below:

First off, even though he's swimming toward the boat as the sharks get closer to him, he prepares to smash them in the face. He knows this is how he's going to survive.

Secondly, he recognizes the sharks are wanting his tuna, not him (at least that's what we hope). In order for him to protect himself while swimming toward the boat, he reels in his spear to somehow fend off the sharks with something. Consequently, the tuna is attached, so the sharks come right for him.

Thankfully, this guy took a knife with him, as all spearfishermen should, which eventually led to his saving grace. He stabs both sharks in the face and one square on the head to protect himself.

As the video comes to a close, it ends with his victorious ascent onto the boat, but of course he lunges his yellowfin tuna up first. I probably would've jumped onto that boat before I saved that fish. Then again, that's why he's the expert fisherman.

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