Forget the City, 4 Adorable Micro Farms for Sale in North Carolina

For when you're finally ready to live off the land...

These four properties in North Carolina are waiting for you.

Charlotte Agenda is a site that updates residents of Charlotte, North Carolina on new restaurants, development projects, and real estate. They recently compiled four adorable properties that are perfect for a personal micro farm and make us want to forget city life and move to the country.

We are ready to raise some goats and chickens and reconnect with the land! Are you? Check out these adorable homes.

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1. Concord, North Carolina

This house is for sale by the owner for $599,000. It is a full 2,600 square feet with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is more than enough room on the property for goats, chickens, and horses.

The property also dates back to the Civil War and has some pretty cool history!

2. Vale, North Carolina

This house, straight out of a Southern farm house fairy tale, boasts acres of fruit trees, pastures for animals, and a milking shed. Oh yea, and it has a fish pond! If this isn't the perfect house for a small hobby farm, we don't know what is.

The 2,605 square-foot property has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and costs $589,900.

3. Charlotte, North Carolina

This house is actually still in the city limits of Charlotte, but has enough acreage to allow for all the animals. Not only can you have horses, llamas, sheep, and more, but you can also house at least eight dogs in the kennel out back. Maybe you can start an animal sanctuary!

Because the 2,949 square-foot house is minutes from downtown Charlotte, it is priced at $747,000.

4. Monroe, North Carolina

This 1920s charmer wins for best deal being priced at $284,900! Just think about what kinds of animals you can care for on the five acres. They will have a warm place to sleep in one of the four barns and have plenty of scraps to munch on with the fruit and nut trees dotting the property.

Don't mind us, we are over here packing our bags...

Do you want to move to one of these properties? Tell us in the comments below!

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