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Ford Ranger Gets Humbled by Massive Boulder

I know the title of the YouTube video says "Should have bought a Chevy," but there's not a midsize pickup out there that could've handled this massive boulder (the video description says it weighed in at a hulking 3,100 pounds) getting dropped in its truck bed.

Even though you know how the whole thing's going to turn out, you can't help but watch as it all unfolds. It's kind of like watching a trainwreck. Or a truck wreck, to be more accurate. But, hey, props to the. 10/10 performance on his part.

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To be honest, I'm not really sure what these guys planned on accomplishing with this 1.5-ton boulder vs. Ford Ranger Sport experiment. I'm guessing that they were just messing around and hoped on racking up a decent amount of YouTube views at the expense of a Ranger that was on its last legs anyway.

Then again, maybe these dudes thought that Operation Boulder Haul would legitimately work. According to specs, the Ranger Sport does have a towing capacity of 3,100 pounds on the dot, so maybe that's where the size of the boulder came into play? Although, this would assume that they didn't know the difference between towing capacity and paylod (SIGNIFICANTLY less than 3,100 pounds), which I can't imagine being the case.

Come to think of it though, that might be giving them way too much credit in the intelligence department. There are a good deal of folks out there in this great big beautiful world who aren't exactly swimming in IQ points, if you know what I mean.

If they did actually think they could pull of this over-the-top hail job, then good for them. They just accidentally totaled a truck in one of the most ridiculous ways possible. But, hey, at least they got a laugh out of it. And so did we.

This post was originally published on August 23, 2019.

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