costa slam

For the First Time in Full Length, Here's the Costa Fly Fishing Film 'SLAM'

Three women take on one of the toughest tasks in saltwater fly fishing.

It's no secret that men greatly outnumber women in both the hunting and fishing communities. However, we're beginning to see women buck this trend.

At the beginning of this video, Costa Sunglasses notes that "Grand Slam" is one hardest honors to attain in all of fishing, and that only one woman had ever done it. So in 2015, Costa decided to give three women the chance to go for it. Angler Hilary Hutcheson is joined by two others and the cameras were along for the journey.

In order to achieve a Grand Slam, an angler must catch a tarpon, a permit and a bonefish, all in one day on fly fishing gear. It's an epic challenge to say the least.

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Finally, we're able to watch the full fly fishing film of this incredible quest.


There's nothing quite as enticing as fly fishing in the Florida Keys, and that's especially hard to argue when you watch this video.

As far as women's fly fishing pursuits go, these gals accomplished quite the feat and produced a really engaging story. That's not to take anything away from anyone's accomplishments, though.

Whether you caught a big fish, shot your first buck or achieved something as impressive as a Grand Slam, there's no better feeling than making that phone call to share it with people. Even if you're from different walks of life, something as great as an outdoor achievement is a big goal for a lot of Americans.

Plus, following brands like Costa Del Mar, Orvis, and especially orgs like Trout Unlimited, you're not only learning about and finding the joy in fishing, but your'e being entertained by high-quality short films that would look as good on the big screen as they do on your cellphone.

Congrats to these anglers on a great team effort!