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For $7.5 Million, this New Mexico Ranch Can Be Your Fly Fishing Dream

New Mexico Ranch

Buying this New Mexico ranch is good way to spend some of that lotto winnings. 

Mega Millions just hit the largest jackpot in history at $1.6 billion. That's freaking nuts. If you were the one lucky enough to have that ticket, or really any multi-million lottery ticket, here's a good place to sink some of that cash.

For only $7.5 million, you could own one of the best fly fishing areas in the entire world.

How did the water flowing through this Pecos, New Mexico, ranch get that way? River enhancement projects on over 1,000 acres of private water. That's how.

So, if you have a group of rich buddies, a trust fund, own a major company or just have an incredible desire to be in life-sucking debt the rest of your life, you can't beat this opportunity.

Fly fishing can be addictive. Just ask anyone who fly fishes more than a few times a year. It's often all they can think about. If you owned this New Mexico ranch, you could fly fish anytime you wanted. When you weren't fly fishing, you could rent this place out to others and make back some of that monthly payment. It's a win-win!



For $7.5 Million, this New Mexico Ranch Can Be Your Fly Fishing Dream