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Footage of Longnose Gar Spawning is Simply Stunning

Nothing better than watching these prehistoric fish put on a present-day show.

Longnose gar are a prehistoric breed that are about as fascinating as fish come. Having lived in North America for approximately 100 million years, their armor-plated scales and long snout still resemble something ancient. For those that have been lucky to hook one - or at the very least see one - it's a feather in the cap for the fishing enthusiast.

Rachel Young Moffatt, who resides in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada, stumbled upon a rare sight while out hiking May 30 - a large school of spawning longnose gar. The fish, which were found in a wildlife reserve, are thick in numbers - and contently taking part in the annual mating ritual.

Here's the eye-opening video:

Here's what Rachel wrote about her experience on her Facebook page:

"Super cool exciting find today! Tons of spawning Longnose Gar! It was such an amazing sight to see. These fish are in a wildlife reserve so they are totally off limits to fishing. I won't be giving out their location. Just enjoy this amazing sight! I did find some on the other side of the barrier but since they do appear to be spawning I chose to leave them alone. I did some quick reading on gar and it seems that when they skim the surface and snap like that they are not feeding but actually performing a gas exchange. They have gills but can also "breathe" air in a rudimentary sort of way."

longnose gar

Justin Hoffman

What an incredible sight to stumble upon! Nature never ceases to amaze.

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