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Now THAT’S a Fly Fisherman! 5 Ways You Can Identify Them

Fly fishermen are as elegant as the trout they seek.

Growing up in Minnesota, fly fishing was like a foreign language for me. I was briefly exposed to its complexities during a year in which I lived in Bozeman, Montana.

I quickly learned the ins and outs of this form of fishing, and enjoyed it thoroughly during my time there. I figured that if I wanted to educate myself, I needed to pick the brains of local fly fishermen. And I wound up discovering quite a few similarities between these folks.

Here are five surefire ways you identify someone who might be able to help you out in the fly fishing realm.


1. He Knows His Bugs

Photo via blogspot

One of the most astonishing things I learned about fly fishermen was their ability to identify insects, and the specific times of year that certain bugs hatch. It blew my mind. A seasoned veteran of the streams is like a walking encyclopedia for flies.

2. He’s Familiar With, Or Knows How to Tie Flies

Many hardcore fly fishermen prefer to tie their own flies. This adds an element of authenticity to their work, and often homemade flies are much higher quality than the mass produced versions.

Fly tiers with years of experience have the ability to create highly coveted masterpieces.

3. Formal Attire

Some older and more traditional fly fishermen dress quite nicely while pursuing their favorite trout.

Buttoned shirts with collars, nice hats, and fancy slacks are often worn down to the riverbank. They can be seen wearing the same thing out in public, so they’re easy to spot when you’re in fly country.

4. Flies Everywhere!

Fly fishermen have little dry flies everywhere. This makes them easily accessible if a moment’s notice should arise where they have the opportunity to go wet a line for a bit.

panfish flies

They’ll have them on their hats, clothes, pants, and even all over the ceilings of their vehicles.

5. Curiosity

Image via Colorado Fly Fisher

Anglers from all walks of life are known to be curious about unknown waters. Fly fishermen are on a whole different level, though. They’ll hike for miles to locate a small stream that’s rumored to hold troughs of cutthroats.

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Now THAT’S a Fly Fisherman! 5 Ways You Can Identify Them