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YouTube: Don McDowell

Fly Fisherman Gets Front-Row Seat to Elk Bugle

Every hunter and fisherman dreams of having this intimate of an encounter with wildlife.

Hearing an elk bugle is on the standard bucket list of every dedicated outdoorsman. Not only is this mating call one of Mother Nature's loudest, but it's also an iconic sound that represents wilderness, freedom and a deep connection with the Rocky Mountains.

The bugle is a somewhat peculiar sound, standing apart from any other natural noise, but it's also unmistakable.

Many big-game hunters start their elk hunting checklists with this incredible experience, and then hope it's followed by the sight one of these massive creatures.

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However, very few people get this close in a completely wild setting.

As you're about to see, not only does this fly fisherman get close, but there's nothing standing between him and this show-stopping bull.

Watch the video below:

There are very few things that could top an experience like this, and even better, this guy didn't have to stop fishing!

Also, we have to give props to this guy for staying so calm throughout. How much do you think your fly casting form would suffer if you had that bull bugling right at you?

Additionally, how rough would it be if you took a weekend off during the season, even though you had a bull elk tag, and decided to go fishing only to have this happened?

Fortunately by this guy's body language, he looks to be a fisherman first and foremost, and was likely trying to just enjoy the moment.