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Florida Just Majorly Streamlined Concealed Carry Permits for Active and Retired Military

Florida majorly streamlines concealed carry permits for the military.

Active and veteran military members will now find themselves at the front of the line when it comes to applying for a concealed carry permit in Florida.

Military members are automatically taken care of first in a move announced by Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam on Wednesday. WJHG has more on this story and what prompted the Sunshine state to go this route.

It's not just the paperwork that is getting streamlined for servicemen and women. Florida requires some training for a concealed carry permit. Now military members will be able to fast-track the process even more by accepting their military firearms training for the application process.

"The use of that DD-214 [form] is a flag to move them to the top of the stack and make sure that active duty military and veterans are getting the protection they need," Putnam told reporters at a press conference.

Florida's concealed carry permit process can take up to two months normally. But now servicemen and women will have their applications processed in just days. Putnam told reporters part of the reasoning behind this is prior shooting incidents at military facilities.

It's also meant to help keep active military families safe. Putnam cited cases of ISIS posting personal information about military members on the internet like addresses and names.

Florida is just the latest state to look at making things easier for servicemen and women when it comes to getting a carry permit. There have been similar measures in other states with mixed results. Virginia proposed a bill for retired and active duty members under 21 to carry concealed but it was vetoed by the governor back in March.

The Pentagon has been slow and cautious when it comes to allowing concealed carry on active bases, but finally relaxed regulations a bit last November to allow concealed carry with permission from a commander.