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Florida Alligator Aggressively Goes After Fisherman

YouTube: Captain Shane

Florida alligators have bad attitudes, and apparently they don't like anglers.

This fisherman did not fully think through the consequences of fishing in a Florida alligator hotspot.

In the state of Florida, you never quite know what's lurking beneath the water's surface. Floridians are probably used to it, but those who live elsewhere might not understand how calm they can be.

Wild alligators see those game fish as a prey species, and there's no wonder they get a little frisky.

American alligators are the apex predators of the southern swamps. The Florida Everglades are full of them, and they are hungry. Especially during mating season, adult alligators can be particularly vicious.

This angler is fishing for bass and sees a large alligator swimming around where he is throwing his cast. He catches a nice bass, reels it in, then throws him back in. All the while, the larger alligator can still be seen swimming around.

Then, all of a sudden something comes up from behind the fisherman and the camera gets all shaky.

The fisherman is lucky he is quick on his feet. He narrowly missed getting bit by another little gator that thought he could sneak a bite from behind.

When going after Florida fish, stay away from gator-filled swamps. Gators are not messing around, and though true alligator attacks are rare, you wouldn't want to find out how rare!



Florida Alligator Aggressively Goes After Fisherman