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Hunting the Nile Crocodile, a Modern Dinosaur [VIDEO]

Hunting a modern age dinosaur takes some guts.

The Nile crocodile can match any beast in size and ferocity.


Nile crocodile hunting is quite an exciting hunt, as guts are required to pick a fight with this relic from prehistoric times.

Spotting and stalking Nile crocodiles is a lesson in woodcraft and stealthiness. The crocodile harvested is 14 feet long and is probably around a ton in weight.

This old crocodile was not one to be messed with. He lived in a deep pool in the river surrounded by a herd of huge hippos. A 75-yard shot with enough gun anchors the big crocodile, and another shot taken was good insurance.

Great shooting and a beautiful trophy to bring home. I wonder what crocodile steaks taste like?


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Hunting the Nile Crocodile, a Modern Dinosaur [VIDEO]