Does Fishing with Peeps Really Work?

Finally, something to do with all those marshmallows.

I know I've thought about it, especially now, when they're half off. Using the brightly colored marshmallow peeps for bait. It's genius the colors will draw attention to the bait while the sweet flavor and smells will pick it's interest. I was thinking about raccoon bait; this idea is better.

So, bass can't resist a topwater peep when presented to them correctly. One key note is that if your bait isn't getting bit, change the size or the color. As demonstrated in this video color was changed frequently until something worked and then sized down. At least it's easy, and tasty to size down your presentation when you are fishing with peeps.

Personally, I would have used a bait holder hook after the first couple of peeps came off. Not sure it would have helped but, worth a try. I think if the fish were hitting the full sized peeps a crawler harness setup would have scored him a couple of those missed fish.