Fishing the Zombie Apocalypse 101

Just because you are fighting off zombies doesn't mean you don't need food.

So it happens: you're getting ready to go fishing, and zombies attack. You have planned for this moment. You're ready. You grab your bug out bag and take off. Now what? What are you going to do for food after your provisions are gone or for entertainment? Well watch the video below to find out.

So obviously, this is just a joke but it raises some serious points. If you have a bug out bag know what's in it and how to use it. Test out your equipment as well, make sure it works. If you pack food know when it expires so you can restock it if you have to.

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Most importantly ALWAYS have your boat hooked up and ready to go. They would have never escaped if he had to hook up the boat before he left. Plus, he should have known to take the garbage out for his zombie wife and in a real zombie apocalypse scenario never kiss your zombie wife.